Mersea Island Waterfall
I love a long walk in the countryside, so when I first moved to Mersea Island the coastal path beckoned to needed to be explored!
One of the most saddening sights on the island I have come across are the crumbling sea defences and coastal path that leads from the east to the west of the Island.  The entire length of the path, pretty much, has been destroyed.  Huge slabs of walkway have been taken down by the ocean, which has eroded underneath the paths, not even the metal reinforced concrete could hold it's position or shape.  Square chunks of the sea wall litter this area as well, turning green in colour with algae and seawed growing upon them.
Out of all this destruction a thing of beauty has emerged.
At one location, where the sea wall has been breached, a waterfall has formed!
I carefully approached this location with my DSLR to take a few long exposure shots.  This has the affect of "smoothing" the water motion and giving what I think is a dreamy affect.  Due to the nature of this particular waterfall, that it only forms at high tide and the tide times are ever moving plus the fact that the weather can't ever be relied might be quite a whilte before I catch this location at sunset with a lovely orange and red clouds.
So for this very special location I decided to flex my skills in digital image manipulation, albeit in a limited manner, to create what I would describe as landscape photographic art.  I simply took my long exposure photograph of the Mersea Island waterfall, then took another of my photographs of a Mersea Island sunset with a beautiful sky and edited them into one dramatic scene.  This is the first time that I have put together an image like this, I am more than happy with the results!
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Mersea Isand Waterfall
Mersea Isand Waterfall
Mersea Isand Waterfall
Mersea Isand Waterfall

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