"Lake of Fire"
Striking Winter Sunrise, Mersea Island
Dragging myself out of bed never used to be something I relished.  But thanks to the beauty of this location, particular at sunrise, I am now quite used to getting out early to see what the sky and ocean will offer me.
On this particular morning I caught the tide whilst it was still relatively high, whilst the sun approached to give an amazing and vibrant hue to the pre-dawn clouds.
I quickly set up my camera on the tripod and snapped as many images as I could, this is one of my favourites.  If you look closely, you can see another Mersea resident enjoying the sunrise, near the triangular groyne marker post on the left.
I also set up my phone to give a live broadcast to my Facebook page followers, so you too can have a cheeky glimpse of me at work that morning, if you CLICK HERE to see the video.

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